How Did Home Edventure Start?

When we initially started home educating our son, we had researched a lot about the rules and regulations surrounding home education from a legal point of view. But, we hadn't delved too much into the resources we would need. We knew that we would be able to find workbooks from the usual places; Amazon, eBay, local book shops etc. But would that be enough to keep him entertained? As we searched through hundreds and thousands of sites, we soon became lost in a world of resources; some paid, some free, some good, some bad, some subscriptions, nearly all wanted our sign up........Then our daughter started home ed, and as a KS3 learner, we were sifting through more resources than we ever thought possible. 

We found our feet soon enough, and after four years of home educating and one year of world schooling, we finally understood what it took and more importantly, what parents of home educated children needed. We also understood that if we transferred all of this knowledge to a site where other parents and guardians had access to everything in one place then we would be helping everyone in our own little way. We teamed up with some experts and Home Edventure was born. Your one stop shop for all your home educational needs.

We aim to give helpful advice and information for all new and existing home educators, home schoolers, world schoolers and anyone else who may just need a little help. We also provide all of the tools you'll need including books, pencils, pencil cases, maths sets etc and all of our learning packs are themed. They follow the National Curriculum which is great if you take a structured approach, and if you don't, then the learning packs are great for unschooling too. Themed Learning packs zone in on a child's interests, and more often than not, they don't realise they're even learning. Why? Because we make it fun to learn, and everyone needs a little fun in their lives right?

Thanks for visiting Home Edventure, we're thrilled to have you come along with us!